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Education. Action. Accountability. Results.

Your Dream Life is Closer Than You Think

If you're like most of our Students before joining you've probably been wanting to get into real estate investing or scale your portfolio for a while but you haven't pulled the trigger. It's been finances, the market, knowledge, mentorship, whatever the reason you haven't taken action...yet. So you continue listening to podcasts, watching videos, doing the same thing you've been doing with little to no success. 

Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. 

It's time to make a change, we can help. 

We help you get Clarity on what it is you want and why. Everything starts with a clear vision. 

We build the Strategy to get you from where you are now to your where you want to be. 

Time to Execute. We have the vision, we have the strategy, it's time to follow the plan and take action. 

Now, we Scale. Momentum is on your side. We work together to continue to build upon your success and scale your portfolio to the next level!

What You Get in REIS CORE

Educational Content

Build your knowledge base with access to 100+ videos taught by our founder, Brody Fausett and other real estate investing Experts. These videos are designed to help you gain a solid foundation and understanding of different real estate investing strategies, how to find deals, how to analyze deals, financing, finding and managing tenants, and much more. 

Monthly Live Training Calls

Learn from Real Estate Investors that are currently where you want to be. Every month we have two Live Calls. One is a Live Training taught by one of our Investor Coaches and the other from a Guest Speaker making 7-8 figures through real estate investing. People like Tony Robinson, Chandler Smith, AJ Osborne, Sarah Weaver, Omni Casey, Brandon Turner, and more. 


Access downloadable calculators, templates, checklists, and more. 

Also, get access Expert Office Hours. Book a call with real estate investing tax, lending, and title experts.

Private Network and Community

Get access to our private group and community to network, ask/answer questions, learn, and grow with other likeminded investors. 

Make real connections with investors just like you through posts, comments, tagging, direct messages, and more. 

Interested in 1-on-1 Coaching?

On top of ALL THIS we also offer 1-on-1 Coaching. Through our Coaching Program you get all the benefits listed up and more! You get a personal 1-on-1 Real Estate Investing School Coach. This Coach is an active investor currently doing the strategies you want to do. We set you up with the best fit Coach for you based on your current situation, desired strategies, goals and more. 

As well as getting a 1-on-1 Coach in the Coaching Program you also get placed into a Pod. A Pod is a group of Students that are also in the Coaching Program being Coached on similar strategies as you. You meet with this Pod once a month to network, learn, share, and grow together in your investing journey. Think of this as your monthly Mastermind group. 

The Coaching Program is all about learning directly from an experience Investor, gaining the confidence for each next step, being accountable, and reaching your goals faster than possible on your own. To learn more about the Coaching program Book a FREE call with one our Investor Coaches today. Spots for the Coaching Program are limited. First come, first serve.